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sarah palin goes to a presidential proving ground to rally the gop troops. >> oh, no, lo. good morning, everyone. welcome to msnbc saturday. it's just past 9:00 eastern. 6:00 a.m. out west. we're talking about the blown out well at the bottom of the gulf of mexico that could be sealed sometime today. crews managed to cap the gusher. now, they are working to make sure it's stopped for good. let's go to kristen who is live in venice, louisiana. how is the operation going at this point? >> reporter: hey, good morning, alex. they started pumping the mud into the blown out well at about 1:30 local time yesterday. it's likely, at this point, they finished that cementing and are waiting for it to cure. bp expects today to make the announcement the well is
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permanently sealed. it will no longer ever leak oil into the gulf of mexico. now, this is the culmunation. it took months to drill below the well. they connected with the well. the two wells were connected and they were able to pump the cement in through the bottom. they hope later today to have the bottom kill done. it's sort of an exclamation point. oil hasn't been leaking for 65 days now since the static kill back in july. it doesn't, however, mean that the oil is gone here in louisiana. they do still see it coming in almost on a daily basis in some of the marshes. in fact, here, they were able to collect about 25,000 gallons over the past week or so. so, still oil that they are dealing with. you can probably see, the boats
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still in slips here behind me. this is a community that's still has a long recovery ahead, even after they get the announcement later on today that the well is permanently sealed. >> it would be good news to go with the beautiful day behind you. thanks so much. >> reporter: you bet. residents in bermuda are waiting for the arrival of hurricane igor. it's one of the worst in the island's history. it could last until monday. damage from 2003s hurricane fabian, the worst hurricane to strike since 1963s hurricane arlene. that's the one they are comparing it to. authorities in mexico are on high alert for mud slides and flooding since hurricane karl pushed inland after sweeping into the gulf coast and killing two people. it's now considered a depression.
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it was the worst depression since hurricane janet in 1955. we'll have more later on in weather. new buzz today about 2012 politi politics, following sarah palin's stop in iowa. laying the ground work there is considered a critical step to the presidential nomination. mike viqueira is live at the white house. good morning to you mike. >> good morning, alex. >> what about the crowd's reaction to the former governor of alaska. >> reporter: it is interesting. this is a path well worn by presidential hopefuls. the first battleground. the beginning of 2012. this is sarah palin's first visit there since she was the vice presidential candidate in 2008. she came in riding high fresh off a string of victories. many of the candidates were opposed by the gop establishment. she took the opportunity to sort
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of disdain the gop establishment at the same time calling for party unity. here is a little bit of what she said last night in des moines. >> we can't blow it, gop. but we won't wait for the political play book to be handed to us from high from the elites that may take renegades going rogue to get us there. it may take folks shaking it up to get there. >> reporter: so, alex, she is perhaps the most powerful person in the republican party now. certainly with the conservative base. she goes to iowa. everybody wants to know, will she or won't she? it's the question we have asking for quite some time now. she laughed it off in her speech. that morning she was in the hotel room lacing up her sneakers getting ready to go for a jog. todd said don't do that because the headline tomorrow is palin
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runs in iowa. she wasn't tipping her hand. she has that popularity. some say she's to polarizing a figure. she's got no backing on the left. the middle is lukewarm toward her. some republicans have their doubts. but, sarah palin really brought down the house last night in iowa. alex. >> are you surprised? it's a rhetorical question. i know, no. she has that effect on people that come to see her. >> reporter: she does. people in afghanistan have gone to the polls to vote for the parliament. it's a key test of the government's ability to fight insurgen insurgents. at least two people have died. john yang is in kabul. what is the latest? polls closed awhile back. are things settling down? >> reporter: polls have closed a little bit ago.
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things have been quieting down. there were taliban attacks in afrg. in a relatively scattered area, areas away from kabul, places where the taliban had been traditionally strong. international observers say the tax didn't do anything to disrupt voting on a wide scale. they expected the violence. they stay voting is a process that could reduce the violence in the long run. >> hopefully, over time, as i said earlier, it's not going to be a factor. i think the more people that participate in a process like this, the more inclusive it feels and perhaps that's going to have an impact on reducing the violence over time. >> reporter: voting turn out today was a little bit scatter shot. there was some places relatively
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low. there were none of the long line that is marked previous elections especially last year's presidential election. some say it may be because of last year's presidential election because of the voter fraud, the voter irregularities that invalidated 1 million ballots. what's the point? there may not be a free election. people we talked to said they weren't going to waste their time by voting today. results are going to be a long time coming. preliminary results in a few days. final results not until the end of october, alex. >> john yang, thank you for that report. coming up on "meet the press," former president bill clinton and colin powell will weigh in on the job president obama is doing. be sure to watch tomorrow on nbc. check your local listings for the time. the koran burning that wasn't is producing a new kind
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of outrage today. pastor teri jones was going to burn a single copy, the mayor and chief of police say the extra security they supplied will cost more than $200,000. they expect the dove world outreach center to foot the bill for the officers and deputies called to the church. they don't know if they have the legal authority to make the church pay. terry jones may move the church to tampa to make a fresh start. toyota settled the lawsuit of a family killed from a crash caused by a faulty gas pedal. they will disclose the settlement on monday. they were killed near san diego when the gas pedal got stuck in a floor mat. toyota is facing dozens of
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lawsuits. sobering numbers on the economy. the poverty rate hit a 15-year high. a census report showed 14 million americans lived in poverty last year. those numbers could worsen as unemployment comes to an end for millions. joining me now, vera gibbons. good morning. >> good morning, again, alex. >> the poverty rate hits a 15-year high last year. what does it tell us about the health of the economy. >> not good. one of seven americans lived in poverty. it's $22,000 for a married couple. for a single person, it's $11,000. this is the same group doing health insurance, food banks and shelters. it puts the economy back in the spotlight here and raises the question, are government programs working? poverty is rising to a 15-year
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high. >> consumer settlement is down. >> there's a lot of economic anxiety out there. people are feeling down and out. i don't think it's going to feel like a recovery to many individuals until confidence comes back, until their friends, families, neighbors get job leads, job interviews until the stock market shows consistent performance. until the fed raises the short-term rates. we are a long way away from what feels like a recover because so many parts of the economy isn't working out. >> what about gold? >> there's your shining star. >> $1,300 an ounce. >> why is it up so high? lack of confidence in the global economy. a lot of uncertainty. gold is seen as a safe haven. from a consumers perspective, it's a good time to sell your jewelry, if you have earrings,
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gold crowns, an old class ring. people are going to gold parties, selling their jewelry there. they are selling it online, too. it's probably my least favorite way to sell. there are so many shady operators out there. one shine they might be trustworthy is if they send you a prepaid packing envelope certified, insured and requires a signature. it's tough to weed out the good guys from the bad guys. at $1,300 an ounce, it's a good time to sell what you don't want. >> you have to worry about scams. >> you do have to worry about that. thanks. survival mode. see how democrats are turning their backs on nancy pelosi to save their own political necks. dialling for dollars. congress is working on a law for taxing cell phone plans. how will it affect your wallet? [ whistling ]
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bermuda is bracing for hurricane igor expected to hit the island tomorrow. let's get more from bill karins. good morning. >> it's not going to be a significant blow. usually, hurricanes come in and out, maybe six hours or so. this storm is so huge and moving slow enough, they are going to go through 12 hours of hurricane force winds, 24 hours of tropical storm force winds. it's a long time to sit in your house for it to go through. clouds are already moving to bermuda. the storm is not going to hit until sunday night. the large waves are beginning to arrive. the area of orange is tropical storm. that moves into the over night hours tonight and tomorrow morning. the worst of the hurricane conditions for bermuda, and they
9:18 am
could get a direct hit, is sunday night between 8:00 and 10:00 at night. they think it's a major hurricane tonight and tomorrow. back to a category 2 or lower end 3. it's still a big storm if you get hit in the strongest portion of the storm. we have been watching the computer models, all the squiggly lines. bermuda is going to go through the strong side of the storm. here is a closer view. they represent the possibility of the path. it's looking more and more that the storm is going to travel to the left of bermuda. if the yellow or white line came through, bermuda would really get hit hard. it's a much better forecast. the other big storm, karl made land fall and killed two people in mexico it's really fizzled out in the mountains of mexico.
9:19 am
everyone is wondering what's next. we have one storm after another. there's a strong wave coming off africa. this will probably be the "l" named storm, lisa. probably a break after igor. >> what a difference a week makes. >> everyone thought the forecast wasn't good. we were not going to have an active season. we have one storm after another and they are big storms, too. >> thanks for being on the job. politics is not for the faint of heart. for vulnerable democrats, a good strategy may be to distance themselves from their own parties leadership. check out this ad from texas. >> when president obama and nancy pelosi pressured chet edwards, he today up against them. he said no to cap and trade. he votes with the conservative
9:20 am
chamber of commerce 67% of the time. when washington liberals wanted to take away our guns, chet said no. >> let's bring in deputy editor for role call. good morning to you. >> hi, alex. >> you have democrats beginning to turn on nancy pelosi. is that an effective strategy for someone with a small group of people to appeal to, a close society. >> in a word, yes. in this election year, yes. democrats are under the gun right now. it's going to be a difficult election year. nancy pelosi represents the establishment. obviously, we know washington is not incredibly popular now and she is emblemmatic of that. chet edwards is running in texas. he represents a conservative district. the only card he has to play is run against washington, run against pelosi and run against
9:21 am
obama and hope to come back for another term. >> if the democrats hold on to power, are they going to face a fooisier republican party when they return next year? >> i think both parties are going to be feistier. no matter who comes out on top, it's a narrow majority. it's going to be a presidential cycle. everybody is going to try to score points. we thought we had gridlock these last two years, wait for the next two years. if nancy pelosi holds on and retains the speakership, how she's going to deal with the moderates. a lot of them are bitter. they had to take tough votes they didn't want to take. chet edwards voted against health care and the energy bill. chet didn't. now, they have to defend the votes and stave off the challenges and hold on to their seats. >> if you are on politics, you
9:22 am
have to have tough skin. that thick skin. pelosi granted candidates to say whatever they need to about her to survive. on thursday, she told reporters i don't have the time to pay attention to what they are saying about me. this is what campaigns are about. i thrive on them. i have been curious about the postmortem. is it forgive and forget once elections are over? >> there's one important thing here. nancy pelosi wants to be speaker. the only way she can be speaker is if democrats hold the house. if she has to be a punching bag to get there, she doesn't care. she's going to hold on to her seat in san francisco for as long as she wants it. she knows this is part of the game. she's smart. she knows how they have to perform at home. she doesn't take it personally. frankly, anybody who is in politics today can't take it personally. >> thanks so much. appreciate your time. >> thanks, alex. a congressional commit
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prohibited a bill for new state and local taxes on a cell phone for five years. it doesn't prohibit federal taxes. that's so you know here on msnbc saturday. fe. [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys. no more hats. [ male announcer ] stop losing. start gaining. got the gecko t-shirt... on is "4 million drivers switched!" gecko water bottle... notebook... chamois... gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like that. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried away. gecko: uh...yeah... all right as long as we don't overdo it. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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[ male announcer ] savory. fluffy. yummy. sweet! [ female announcer ] splenda®. america's favorite no calorie sweetener. an apologetic pope benedict is using the four-day visit to reshape the catholic church from abroad. george is the author from the end and the beginning pope john paul ii. george, another good morning to you. trying to reshape the image of the catholic church is it working? >> alex, good morning. it's nice to be with you, again. britain, today, is an extremely secular society. catholics are one of the largest and perhaps the largest church attending religious communities in great britain. this is a society in the uk
9:27 am
that's increasingly looking like western europe, empty churches, a church without energy. the pope's mission in britain is to try to reenergize that church. to bring it back into the mainstream of the public square. to bring it into the discussion of britain's future of the 21st centu century. >> do you think it's because of the presence of the church in england and the volatile history the churches have? talk about this pope meeting with the archbishop of canterbury, the head of the church of england, aside from the figure head, the queen. >> the history is a difficult one, as you suggest. the church of england is riddled with difficulties today as you know. what's perhaps most interesting about this encounter between pope benedict xvi and dr.
9:28 am
williams is they are both world class theologians. doctor williams is an expert on the theology of the old church and the pope is one of the great theological minds of the past 100 years. they have found themselves in positions of leadership neither expected to be in or ever wanted to be in. they might have interesting things to say to each other about the burdens of high office of scholars. >> among the burdens that the pope bears is having to apologize for the church sex abuse scandals, which he has done in a very overt way a couple times on this trip. how much longer must this pope continue to do that? >> well, he'll do it as long as there are people to whom an apology is owed. he feels very keenly. the suffering, the ongoing suffering of victims of abuse.
9:29 am
and he also feels keenly that the church ought to be in a period of penance, of repentance for having had these terrible things go on within the household of faith. he said that in the beginning of this trip. we are in a period of reflection and repentance so these horrible things are dealt with and provent them from happening again. >> all right always great to speak with you. more next hour. thank you. >> thank you. some lovely ladies proved you are never too old to be a calendar girl. they have posed in the buff. they range from 63 to 97. the calendar sells for 15 bucks a piece. the proceeds go to charity. way to go. ♪ [ rumbling ] [ air whooshing ]
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sxz it's msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. at 32 past the hour, here are your headlines. crews in the gulf of mexico are pumping cement into the blown out oil well. they expect it to be completely closed today. polls are closed in afghanistan. the taliban launched a series of attacks that killed at least two people. bermuda is bracing for igor. it could hit the island nation tomorrow night. alaska senator lisa murkowski will run. she lost to joe miller last month. lindsay lohan failed a drug test. she could wind up back in jail. those are the fast five headlines. jail and rehab. the troubled actress lindsay lohan is maybe facing a trip to prison. she admitted on her twitter page last night.
9:34 am
the bombshell revelation. let's get the news. good morning. >> good morning. >> i really want to know what's going on here. she just got out of rehab and previously jail three weeks ago. >> exactly. yesterday, multiple reports surfaced that lindsay had indeed failed a court mandated drug test. maybe more than one of them. her immediate response was to deny the allegations, say she was find and the outlets were nuts. hours later, she took to her twitter account, admitted she failed the drug tests and she was accepting responsibility for the first time. she said recovery is a long road and substance abuse is not something that's cured overnight. it was shocking to us at life and style weekly. this was the first time she was accepting responsibility. unfortunately, this could have serious consequences for her. the judge's previous ruling, if she failed any drug tests she
9:35 am
could go back to jail for 30 days. >> i see her outside the poster. are a lot of people pulling for her? it's like a blow. oh, no. >> absolutely. i think for her admitting she has a problem is going a long way, making people more sympathetic for her. it's going to make them root for her more. it's really making a serious comeback. she appeared on the vmas and appearing on "snl." it seems like that is all in serious jeopardy now. how about paris hilton in jail for drugs in las vegas. there's a plea deal, so she won't have to be in jail? >> yes. paris is going to enter a plea deal on monday. she's going to avoid a felony drug conviction.
9:36 am
in return, no jail time. she's on probation for one year. she's going to have to complete a drug abuse program, pay a $2,000 fine and serve two hours of community service. if she violates the probation, she may face up to a year in jail. >> that's harsh. what about nadya suleman? aka octomom? >> she is running out of money and fast. she may have to go on welfare very, very soon. now, of course, she had been hope thag some reality tv show, book and merchandising deals would come through. they have not panned out. she's in serious monetary trouble. she's behind on mortgage payments and she has 14 mouths to feed. it's a frightening, sad story. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. sympathy is replaced by shock and confusion today as
9:37 am
investigators are trying to determine why a washington woman intentionally disfigured herself by burning her face with as sit. her parents are apologizing for the stunt. they are baffled about her decision to hurt herself. >> as any good parent would, we stood by our daughter when she told us these different scenarios. we stood by her. we believed her. any good parent would do that. >> there were no signs and you know, we really don't know why at this point. it's our hope the medical community can find answers. >> her father says he will return all the money that was donated to his daughter. a police officer in duluth, minnesota has this dashcam ra to thank for a wrong doing in the shooting death of a teenager. the 17-year-old attacks the police car with a bat and is warned twice to stop. he's later shot in the chest and
9:38 am
killed after refusing to drop the weapon. they ruled the shooting was just fied. >> for most americans christine o'donnell is a new face. she stunned the political world with her underdog victory in the primary race for u.s. senate. the stage is much bigger now. it's not the first time she's been out there. ginger joins me this morning. >> good morning. >> give me background on christine o'donnell. >> she was a political commentator. before that, she was involved in the alliance for lifting the truth, the organization she founded to address morality issues. she was a vocal spokesperson in the '90s for a movement of younger generation addressing those issues. >> okay. let's take a listen to something miss o'donnell had to say at the summit in d.c. take a listen. >> the small elite don't get us.
9:39 am
they call us whacky. they call us wingnuts. we call us, we the people. >> so, the values voters summit there has a national focus. this may appeal to the national tea party. how does it play in delaware? >> she's energized her base and her supporters with her battle cry of we the people. we are hearing it a lot from people who showed up to volunteer for her, come to the rallies, stand-up at the polls and for people voting on election day, on primary day not involved with her campaign. they feel the establishment really went away from what they believe in and they, the people, were able to defeat mike castle and push back that establishment mentality and show them who they wanted to hold office. >> how about chris coons.
9:40 am
how is he reacting? >> he said he's running the same campaign he was running on september 13th that he's running today. he wants to talk about the issues. they had a debate thursday night where they gave very different answers on several policy issues. drawing divisions between the two. he said he's going to treat it seriously and talk about the issues. he's going to run the same campaign he would have against mike castle. >> what do you think the prospect of republicans heading to delaware will have on the race overall? some say they are going to campaign for o'donnell. >> i think we are going to see a lot of big names in delaware. vice president joe biden was in delaware yesterday. we expect to see a lot of republicans in the state talking for christine o'donnell. i think people are really going to listen. but, as both candidates said this week, delaware is a state of retail politics. we like to meet our politicians,
9:41 am
we like to shake their hands. we are used to seeing them at the grocery store and at festivals. what's really going to make the difference in delaware is them out there talking at forums, talking at debates and meeting the voters. >> thanks for talking with us. appreciate that. >> thanks for having me. >> the days of don't ask, don't tell. new legislation is expected to be introduced next week. what is the military's take on doing away with the controversial policy? we'll have that next on msnbc saturday. for broccoli, say on for toys, say two. ys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 ceral standard time. he's in control. gobye. even kids ow it's wrong to give someone the run around. at ally bank you never have to deal with an endless automated system. yocan talk to a real person 24/7. it's just the right thing to do.
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you can expect from liberty mutual. plus, switch today, and you could save on your auto insurance. at liberty mutual, we help you move on with your life. so get the insurance responsible drivers like you deserve. looks really good. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual auto insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? let's get the latest on hurricane igor. it expected to hit bermuda sunday. for more on the path of igor, julie martin is joining us live from daytona beach, florida. it leeks like a beautiful suny day. the water might pose problems.
9:45 am
what's the latest. >> reporter: early on and into tomorrow and monday, the surf is going to continue to increase considerably. the rip currents are going to be the story. it is a calm day out here. the weather is beautiful. beach wise, it's great for the tourists, not so great for the life guards. once people get into the water, that's when the rescues start happening. they expect it over the weekend. i want to talk about bermuda. igor is 1,100 miles well offshore from the eastern united states. bermuda is preparing at the moment. the power xhean says they expect major impacts, power losses. they have a shelter open. they could see as high as 30 foot waves, unbelievable surge expected to be pounding bermuda from sunday into monday. a lot of preparations taking
9:46 am
place there. we have a live crew there as well. we'll bring it to you as conditions begin to deteriorate. it's not going to be bad in florida and along the east coast. again, the rip currents are a threat through early next week. it's going to cause a lot of work for the life guards. back to you. >> thanks for the important heads up. appreciate it. for the latest on hurricane igor and the weather impacting this weekend, go to gay rights propon ents are applauding washington to schedule a vote on don't ask don't tell. it deals with the defense budget and to do away with the policy regarding gays in the military. they are facing several hurdles including a republican filibuster. there is a threat of a veto. joining me now is retired army
9:47 am
cornel, retired u.s. arm general, gentlemen, to what do i owe this distinguished pleasure to have you both on. i asked. that makes me feel great. general, how likely is it that don't ask don't tell will be repealed? >> oh, it's 100% certain it's going to happen. the question is when and how. the country is moved on. they want the policy changed. supreme court a dozen years ago said essentially to stay out of people's private sexual behavior. this is a done deal. secretary gates supported it publicly, colin powell, david petraeus. there's still intense opposition. there's anxiety. it's a legitimate issue for debate. >> on the heels of that anxiety
9:48 am
the general is referring to, do you think the military is ready to implement the repeal of don't ask don't tell? >> months ago, secretary gates said the defense department is going to need some time to implement repeal. it sounds trivial, but they have to organize things like housing. policies have to be rewritten. new ones rewritten. there have to be education programs. i don't know that the military is ready for that. administratively and lodgistically, it can be. attitudes inside the military are going to have to change. i can tell you one place that won't be a problem is the middle of combat where people fight for each other no matter what they are. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> i'm wondering about weapons programs, things upon which can become obstructed, hindered,
9:49 am
whatever. why is it or is it just political reasons there's not a single bill to do with only repealing don't ask, don't tell. what is the idology there? >> american policy at its best. this is an attempt to get a policy change through that would be easy to filibuster. lots of candidates are going to oppose this. not with standing the fact is a general statement both inside the armed forces and the american people. neutral or support change of the policy. politically, it's a gigantic exothermic. >> it depends on what is in it. some military programs and appropriations bills from the senate, if it winds up in the
9:50 am
final bill, the president does not like, he may still sign it. i think there's oneovision that go ahead and veto it. that's a provision in the house bill that says the following -- no prisoner who is at guantanamo can ever be brought to the united states for any reason. i think if that's in the final bill, the president's going to veto it because it's going to restrict his capability to deal with the prisoners. >> can i ask you both to give me a monosiyllabic answer, yes, no. does the military have a big problem with it or is it activists that have a big problem? you know, is it a military that has a problem with it, yes or no? >> the army did a poll six months ago. it says 30% of the troops don't want to see the policy change and the rest are either supportive or neutral. so it won't be a problem inside
9:51 am
the armed forces. jack jacobs says if you're in comb combat, an elite parachute infantry battalion, the last problem you have is if somebody's gay. that's nonsense. >> just time before everyone comes around. general mccaffrey and i were at west point years ago when the idea of women first going to westpoint was first introduced and there were gnashing of teeth and now women have been going there so long that their children are going to westpoint. it takes time and leadership. >> good to speak with you. >> good to be with you, alex. when will space travel for you and me become a reality and how much would that cost? i know who works differently than many other allergy medications. hoo? omnaris. [ men ] omnaris -- to the nose! [ man ] did you know nasal symptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation?
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and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
9:54 am
so here's something fun you can do if you have a few million bucks lying around.
9:55 am
boeing has decided to enter the space tourism business. the world's largest commercial aircraft builder is planning rockets and capsules to launch into orbit. joining us with details is space correspondent dave brody. so this is really cool for space enthusiasts like me. is this the future of space tourism? >> it's part of the future of space tourism and i think perhaps more importantly, it points to the beginning of a really exciting trend in the space industry generally which is we're going back to doing business with private companies, what some of us in the business call new space as opposed to government new space. >> really, really, high. how much is this going to cost? >> to go to orb bit, the space station, space adventures is the only company to take you there. the price started out at around $20 million. it is now up around $35 million.
9:56 am
which tells you there's no shortage of billionaires that want to have pleasure trips. but that's not you and me, is it, alex? >> if you need someone to do a trial run and do a report on it i'd be happy to do it. do you consider this an endorsement of president obama's efforts to try to increase funding for commercial spaceflight? >> i do. i think they're directly related. the word is out among private industry there's a small window of opportunity to try and make a big splash in space before we go back to doing business as usual, as we have been in this country for the last 30 years, which is not a great way to get there. it's cost plus contracts which means that as a space industry, i would be incented to make things take longer and cost more. i'm a single source supplier. that's not competition. so yeah, i think it's exciting. >> does this ever become
9:57 am
affordable, dave and when is this going to begin? >> for space tourists, it will be a long time before it's truly affordable for middle class folks like me to afford to go. i'm not sure that would be a good use of my money. i'd rather donate a big chunk of poen if i suddenly became rich to perhaps a cancer cause or something like that. but for folks who are really interested in this, maybe we'll get there. i think more importantly, it will tend to drive down the cost of space transportation so that we can do science, so that we can do industry in space, so that we can go to some of the exciting places that the space program should be going to instead of going around and around and around in low earth orb bit. so we can fulfill our commitments to our international partners on space station. >> thanks, david, for looking ahead with us. sarah palin looks ahead to the midterms. does she have her eye on a run? what some will do to get in the record books.
9:58 am
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like stacking bricks on him and doing, like, doo-doo-doo. you know what i mean? - or yoga. - which is actually peaceful and quiet and not a lot of talking, so... - exactly. is he still looking at me?

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